DK Custom Coatings, Specializing in Cerakote, Gun Kote and Vinyl Work in the Heart of America

DK Custom Coatings is a small, Veteran family owned business based out of West Portsmouth, OH. At DK Custom Coatings, they will take your concept and make it a reality. DK Custom Coatings specializes in Cerakote, Gun Kote and Vinyl Work and they can paint anything from firearm parts, knives, cups, fishing equipment, to pens and automotive parts.

Whether it’s for restoration or esthetics, you can’t go wrong with having your item painted. While there’s no magical paint that will protect your parts forever due to regular use, wear and tear which will all play a role in the longevity of these finishes being coated will increase the life-span of your item significantly.

DK Custom Coatings run their business off a few simple principals – pride, craftsmanship and superior customer service. Contact them today to talk to them about your design needs or they can work with you to create a unique design to fit your project.