Internet Marketing Tip of The Day, Make Sure to Utilize Geo-Targeting

It only takes a few minutes to make sure your physical location is listed on your social media profiles, but many businesses forget this basic internet marketing aspect.

Why Your Location Matters 

As an internet marketer, one of the first things I usually check when I look at a businesses social media profile is where is the business located? Whether you are a regional business or a business looking to target a larger market it is important (especially for the search engines) to specify your geographic location in your internet content.

A potential customer will check to see where your business is located as well. You may not be in their area, but if they do not see any location then most people are skeptical to research further.

Why your Location Matters to Search Engines 

Search engines will use your physical location as one of the factors in ranking you in their search engines. If you a “home builder” in Syracuse, New York for example you want to specify where your business is located in your descriptions so you aren’t being grouped with all home builders in the State of New York or broader. The narrower you can make your search the better.

What is Geo-targeting and Why is it Important 

“Geo-targeting” in the internet world is providing content based on geographic areas. You could be an online retailer, but how you market your product in one part of the Country maybe different than how you market your product in a different part of the country.

I have also seen businesses throw away money on PPC campaigns because their PPC managers didn’t geo-target properly. For that “Syracuse, New York home builder” If their PPC ads are showing up outside the area in which they will travel to build houses , then you know someone is wasting ad spend on an that ad campaign. I have seen ads for services in parts of the Country that would never pertain to me, that’s just wasted PPC budget.

Narrow is Sometimes Better

I had a client who said they needed help being found for “photographer in Los Angeles” I pointed out that the problem with that is that there must be any number of photographers in the Los Angeles market. So I suggested worked with him on geographic areas with in Los Angeles (Hollywood, West Hollywood, East L.A. etc.) that were closer to his studio he should focus his efforts on first then expand his efforts.

The decision you need to make with your business is where are your potential clients? Where are there enough clients to keep me busy. Don’t cast too wide a net that you end up with too much competition.

Thanks For Your Service