Veteran Business Owners Offer a Valuable Online Resource

With a whole generation of students currently “home schooling” due to the Coronavirus, what better online resource for parents looking to fill classroom time than the “Living History” that many of our Veteran men and women who are also Business Owners can bring to the table or (internet).

Filling those “Stay at Home” Lesson Plans

Parents needing to provide constructive things for their stay-at-home students to learn while they are online or to keep them entertained for a few minutes to waitching home videos give the parents some downtime should look to our military Veterans.

Connecting with the many Veteran business owners who are online and offer interactive resources through their social media platforms allow students to learn about certain aspects of business as well as history, and the military.

Besides their military experience, Veteran’s who run their own businesses bring their knowledge of their chosen fields from metalworking to woodworking, baking, tour guides, personal growth etc.

Imagine having a History, Shop, Home Economics and Business teacher all rolled into one right on your computer to tap into.

What if You are a Veteran Business Owner 

Not only has internet traffic surged due to the amount of school aged individuals being at home, but it is showing businesses that were not online before this event that the internet solves many logistical issues for companies and will only continue to grow.

As a Veteran business owner you not only have the opportunity to reach out to your network about your business through the use of online media you can also become a “Virtual” expert in your field.

To create teachable moments to connect with your network you might consider:

  • Short  “How to” videos or Podcasts about your profession. Virtually any skill set can be translated onto a video
  • Schedule “Live” chats or discussions to do question and answer sessions. You can do some simple chats right through your social media.
  •  Schedule “live” demonstrations, but make sure you practice before hand 🙂 )
  •  Set up questionnaire’s to see what interests your network.
  •  Connect with your Fellow Veteran Business Owners, maybe you are a  Baker who can cross educate with the Pizza Shop?
  •  Go “live” if you are a Charter boat captain maybe you have a live feed on your goat.

Owned By Vets Was Set Up For Networking 

Even when this current situation ends the internet is not going away, doing business online is not going away. Even traditional businesses who would think they have no need to be online will find that their bookkeeping, scheduling, inventory, shipping etc. can all be done virtually eliminating the need for a large number of employees in one place. A tattoo artist could have a “virtual” staff of 2-3 people while he works out of his home saving them the expense and overhead of an office space.

You can either see this current situation as an opportunity or as a roadblock for your business.

Owned by Vets was designed to allow Veteran business owners to connect with each other and your social networks like a spider web through the power of networking. And while I wasn’t thinking about the coronavirus “global pandemic”, this situation now gives you the opportunity to expand your online community by utilizing the network to step-up your internet marketing game.

You’ll need to be creative in the online world, but you’ve been given a massive captive audience in which to expand your network where you don’t always have to think sales first. The interactions you are building for your business and community today may not lead to a short-term sale, but nurturing your network will help it grow exponentially and by focusing on your network and a quality product or service it will allow your sales to follow naturally.