Internet Marketing Tip of the Day, Always Leave Them Wanting More!

When it comes to social media posting, Veteran’s and anyone else looking to start and grow their business through social media should take a moment to consider the quote often attributed to the great American showman P.T. Barnum “always leave them wanting more”. You want your current customers and any potential new customers to remain interested in your products or services without de-sensitizing them with too much information.

Pace the amount of your Social Media Sharing

The mistake that many new marketers make on social media is they over-share, sometimes posting several times a day trying to quickly get their whole message out to the internet world. Sharing everything from products and services to what funny thing the kids are doing that day. Don’t get me wrong, while we all like good family stories they should be reserved for personal pages unless you have decided to work them into your marketing campaigns (then you need to have a plan to be consistent with it).
When you are constantly posting on social media, your audience becomes de-sensitized and has trouble deciding what information you really want them to see. It is important to map out or plan your social media posting. Even the social media influencers post with a purpose.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Posting on Your Social Media

Over the years I’ve worked with clients on pacing themselves on their social media, so they aren’t stepping on their own message with their social media posts.

1. Do keep your business pages separate from your personal pages as much as possible. You can always link social media personal pages and business pages so something from your business page can be shared to your personal page. Having the separation keeps your business page for business meaning less politics and family dramas.

2. Don’t post more than once or twice a day about the general day to day happenings at your business unless the activity dictates. Every time you make a “widget” doesn’t warrant a post unless it’s a really amazing or unique “widget”. Unless you’re a business like a restaurant that needs to update menus throughout the day, constantly posting to your feed desensitizes your followers when it comes time for something important.

3. In general, do focus on only one Sale or Promotion a week. Plan for an upcoming sale or promotion and have a few posts ready to go around that, don’t post about anything else or over-post let your followers feel the impact of the sale or promotion. If you try to do daily sales or multiple sales, then the impact of your “sales” is lost.

Example: If you post about a sale on Hats in the morning then in the afternoon post about coats, you’ve taken the focus off the Hats. If you are planning a sale on Hats talking about an upcoming sale on Hats – the benefit of your Hats – remind them why they need to buy your Hats.

4. Do check for the best times to post on social media. There are times of the day and week when it is best to post depending on the social media platform for optimal engagement. Sites like SproutSocial have put together a list of the best times to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

5. Do check your website analytics. As I discussed in Internet Marketing Tip of the Day, Set Up Your Analytics, its simple and free to set up your website analytics and it can be one of the most useful tools of finding out about traffic interactions to your website. You can see what pages are getting the most visitors, you can see what type of product conversions you are getting and what products might need help in the form of social media campaigns. Once your website has been running for some time, your analytics can show you month to month or year over year results for traffic and selling patterns.

Walking the Tight Rope!

In the world of internet marketing and digital marketing in general the goal is to get as much exposure for your products or services as possible. The balancing act is to walk that tight rope to not over-expose your products or services so that your customers and potential customers lose interest.