Internet Marketing Tip of The Day, Highlight “Veteran Led” on Your Google My Business Page

Continuing the series of free or low-cost internet marketing tips, if you remember in a previous “Tip of the Day” article, I talked about claiming your free business listings on Google and Bing as part of your overall internet marketing program. Now that you have your Google listing set up another you can now designate your business as “Veteran-led”.

More than 2.5 million small businesses in the U.S. today are Veteran-owned. To recognize this designation, Google has created a “Highlight” field in their business listings that allows business owners to indicate that their service is Veteran led to their supporters. You can go to Google support and follow the easy set-up process which takes less than 10 minutes to complete and it is located in the same section where you’ll want to add any other descriptions about your location.

This “Veteran-led” distinction will not only include you in the community of fellow Veterans, but it helps you stand out to people who want to show their support for Veteran owned businesses.

Along this line don’t forget to include this same distinction on your website or blog either in a tagline or in your biography.

As far as your social media pages, I am old enough to remember when (#) was used as a “pound” sign, now (#) is referred to as a “hashtag” and is used on social media websites like Twitter and Instagram to identify messages on a specific topic. Do a simple search on social media and you will see how much the Veteran related (#) is used, so if you are not including it in your social media profile and posts then you are missing out on a totally “free” marketing opportunity.

Building an online business can be tough as well as confusing, hopefully you take advantage of tips like the “Veteran owned” distinctions because, not only you have earned them with your service, but they are free to use. For more “Owned By Vets” Tips of the Day check out our blog and if you are stuck with specific questions you can always try contacting me through the contact form.

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