Internet Marketing Tip of The Day, Make Sure Your Website is Optimized

Have you ever wondered why they call it internet marketing rather than website marketing? The reason is because there are several aspects of the internet that need to come together to make your business successful.

Your website should be thought of like the foundation of your business, having a solid foundation allows you begin building the rest of your internet marketing strategy.

A major part of this solid foundation is having your website “optimized” through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Make Nice with the Search Enginessearch engine optimzation tip for Veteran owned businesses

You can’t simply build a website and hope that visitors will show up. A website owner must understand that the internet is dominated by search engines like Google and as the “gate keepers” to the online universe, Google has a certain set of guidelines that a website needs to follow in order to be ranked by the search engines.

Having been an internet marketer for over 10 years, this is one of the biggest mistakes I see made by many business owners. Whether it’s because of an owner’s budget limitations or because someone has told them it’s not that important, (SEO) tends not to be a priority and they may never consider having their website optimized.

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Imagine a search engine is like a car dealership, when someone comes by the car dealership, the best cars are up front to draw in the potential customers. When someone does a search, a search engine wants to return the most relevant Owned by vets the Veteran Owned Business network website website to the user so the user will keep using the search engine.

The way the dealerships determine what their best cars are is by having their technicians go over any car that comes on the lot to decide if the car is going to go up front, in the middle of the pack or in the back lot.

A search engine “bot” does basically the same thing, when it crawls your website, it grades your website based on the search engines’ algorithms and decides how high up on the search rankings to place you.

If the “bot” decides that your website is not “optimized” properly it may not even rank your website and the chances of traffic coming to your website “organically” will be greatly reduced.

Whether you’re a Veteran owned business owner or not, having an optimized website is a key part that any owner should include as part of their internet marketing strategy so when the search engine “bots” come to call your website will be moved towards the front of the car dealership.

Check in from time to time to the blog, as I offer tips on internet marketing that might help your business with an aspect you may not have thought of.