Rise in Online Traffic Since Start of COVID -19 Leads to New Virtual Reality

With the majority of the population currently tele-commuting from home and practicing “social isolation” due to COVID – 19, Online traffic has seen an increase of roughly 20 percent. For business owners concerned about the downturn in traditional walk-in traffic the increase in online traffic could potentially be a new revenue stream during these uncertain times.

The problem is, many business owners will see this increase in social media traffic and think, “If you thought I had a good product when I was posting 1-2 times a week, you’ll digital marketing do's and don'tsreally like my product when I start posting 1-2 times a day” or blow their budget on online marketers promising high expectations.

The second issue facing business owners is that their employees are no longer traveling to a central office, but are now working remotely. The “virtual office” is becoming the new normal for many previously unprepared business owners.

The Basic Internet Rules Still Apply 

When it comes to the internet, and social media in particular there are some ” golden rules” that one should follow even during these unpredictable times that we are currently going through. I covered this topic in more detail in a previous article “Internet Marketing Tip of the Day, Always Leave Them Wanting More!”

Here are the top few:

  1. Keep your business pages for business
  2. Do not over-post on social media
  3. Respect your social media visitors time 
  4.  Do not make panicked short-term business decisions
  5.  If you have a solid product or service traffic will find you

The Internet is not going Away 

The increase in internet traffic isn’t going to be temporary, in case you needed to be reminded that the internet is not going away look how easily the schools and colleges were shut down and students sent online. Jobs became work from home and now we like the self-service checkouts in stores.

Besides trying to capitalize on increased internet traffic, your business may find itself suddenly needing to have a plan on how to become more engaging with remote employees. Whether you are selling something, taking appointments or in need of accounting. Your office is now transitioning online with your website becoming the new central office. Many of the functions that you thought you had to do in a building, you will realize can be done from home, cutting down on the overhead.

You Don’t Have to Own the Whole Thing

Do not over-extend your business in the short-term thinking that you will miss out on an opportunity. Because whether your business is in a position to take advantage of the current situation that is resulting in increased online traffic and a rise in the  virtual work environment or if you simply need to keep your business going during the current COVID-19 crisis, the new reality is that internet traffic is not going to decrease significantly and the virtual office is going to become more common as a way to keep overhead down and increase ROI.




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